How to Find Brands Owned By People of Color

In the digital age, it can feel like language is evolving at a pace that is impossible for most to keep up with. With every year comes the debut of new acronyms, terms, and labels to modernize the existing language. 

Meaning can get lost as these new terms become longer and more complex. Thee Culture will do its best to use clear and concise language, but you will see acronyms like POC and WOC used on our site from time to time. 

The term, “POC” stands for People of Color. This phrase is both centuries-old and one of the many identifiers non-white people in the United States can use to signify social identities and their relationship to power. The phrase “WOC”, stands for Women of color and has come into use more recently.   

Someone’s reasoning for wanting to shop from POC-owned brands can vary. For some customers, it comes down to the cultural relevance of the products provided. For others, buying from POC-owned brands can be a show of solidarity. Our favorite reason for buying from POC-owned brands is a lot of business owners take inspiration from their cultural experience to create beautiful and unique products. 

The question is, how many of these businesses can you name? A lot of POC-Owned brands can be hard to find, especially with a simple Google search. 

 Some modern marketplaces carve out a space to showcase minority-owned brands as a testament to their diversity. Unfortunately, these efforts can make finding POC-owned businesses hard to find because they are often temporary and only uplift a handful of brands. 

Here are ways you can find and shop from POC-owned businesses whenever you want. 

1. follow THEE CULTURE.

Thee Culture is here to connect you to these brands regardless of whether or not they sell with us. Check our Instagram, Twitter, or Tik Tok for new brands to check out. You can also rely on our website to feature more businesses as we expand our selling platform.

2. search through marketplaces.

If you have found yourself using key phrases like “Black-owned businesses” or “Shop Latinx” on a search engine you might have seen plenty of listicles but no actual businesses in the search results. Scrolling through endless lists might turn up a few great leads, but it is very time-consuming. Use existing marketplaces like Thee Culture, or Bulletin to search for POC-owned brands instead. Marketplaces provide the convenience of filters and accessibility. Never rely on lists again.


Many cities organize fairs, bazaars, or festivals for local artisans to showcase and sell their work. Many small businesses do not have a brick and mortar store, and instead, rely on sales through websites and pop-up events like fairs to sell their products. Taking the weekend to go to a local fair can introduce you to many new businesses and their products. Small businesses might also offer exclusive deals to customers who shop at craft fairs.

5. Ask for recommendations Through social media. 

Ask and you shall receive! Simply making a post expressing your interest in shopping with POC-owned brands will have quite a few of them flocking to you. Many brands utilize their social media presence to interact more with new and potential customers. This is especially true for Twitter, Tik Tok, and Instagram where entire hashtags are filled with POC-Owned brands who want you to be their next customer.



We hope this article has helped inform you. Now that you have the tools you need to support POC-owned businesses don’t hesitate to find and support them. Comment your favorite new finds below!

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